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Woman Shaving Products - Time for a Closer Look

Finding a good shaving product for women can be somewhat frustrating when trying to decide what type of shaver is best for the different types of shaving. (It's totally amazing how complicated some people can make things.)

Some people recommend one type of shaving products to a woman for armpits and legs and another type for pubic areas and yet another type for facial hair removal. It can get quite expensive and quite mind boggling to say the least. (You can't say I didn't warn you.)

I don't know about you, but when I start to take a look at all of this confusing information on women's shaving products, my head begins to swim and my mind begins to wander to more pleasant things, (like even taking out the trash).

So what do you say, why don't we just take some time right here, right now, to sort it all out and see if we can simplify the whole process and even make it interesting?

I'm sure glad you agreed because I probably would have just continued with the whole process of looking into a woman's shaving products anyhow.

So here we go.

First things first. Simply put, women's shaving products include both wet and dry electric razors, manual razors and battery operated personal shavers.

Simple enough don't you think?

Well now things get more complicated.

Manual razors include ones that are totally disposable, partially disposable with disposable cartridges or blades and they even say there are razors that don't have a blade at all, just some sort of chemical. (Talk about scary!)

There are also safety razors and straight razors. (I don't know about you, but I hope my razor is both straight and safe!)

Many women swear by their disposable razors as they say they have had less then satisfactory results with electric shavers. They are willing to put up with the nicks and occasional cuts because they still find the manual razors are better for getting a close, smooth shave on those tough leg, pubic and armpit hairs.

Now, on to the dry electric razors. There are ones with circular heads, flat heads, rounded heads and you name it heads. (Sounds like some people I know.) This is where it can get even more complicated.

The recommendation for women is usually towards the rounded head types, not the ones with several circulating heads. (So much for the saying that two heads are better than one.)

It's best to check out electric shavers made especially for women.

Next, lets take a look at women's wet electric razors. These are cordless razors that are made for using wet in the shower. (I do hope your shower is wet; I know mine is.)

Make sure you use one made specifically for the shower or you might get a surprise you weren't at all expecting. (Shockingly ouchy, if you know what I mean.)

There are also women who swear by their electric shavers mostly because they are less likely to get cut by an electric shaver the way manual razors can nick and cut.

Of course, the blades on electric shavers need to be clean and sharp or you can become quite irritated from your electric shaver. These irritations can be every bit as painful as a cut with a manual razor.

Last, but most importantly, are the battery operated personal shavers. These shavers are newer to the market than the other types mentioned above.

At the present time, many women have not given them a try. They are most definitely worth taking a look at. They can be used on any type of hair on all of your body parts and they completely eliminate the need for messy shaving lubricants or the need for multiple types of razors.

They are used dry safely without nicks, cuts, ingrown hairs or even irritations to the skin. They really do eliminate the complications of the other types of women's shaving products on the market today. (See I told you we could turn this into an uncomplicated process even I could understand.)

The important things you do need to look for when shopping for a personal shaver are a good reputable company with a good quality product and a money back guarantee so you can take some time to check it out for yourself.

You really do need to find out for yourself how great personal shavers can be for all types of shaving for women.

Many women have found what they believe to be the perfect women's shaving product. It's a small, battery operated shaver, specifically designed to easily and safely suit the needs of any woman shaving.